Love Games Host Suki Dishes On The Juicy Drama Coming To Discovery+ - Exclusive

What draws such enormous audiences to reality television shows? Perhaps it's the larger-than-life emotions, maybe it's the drama. Could it be because audiences want to invest in stories bigger than themselves? Maybe it's all of the above, and fans of 90 Day Fiancé and its universe of shows will attest to the fact that 90 Day brings all the juicy elements that make reality TV stand out from the crowd. 

90 Day fans will tell you that they have their favorite couples, that one season stood out to them from the others, that there is one couple's storyline that they just can't get enough of. Well, luckily for them, there is a new show being added to the 90 Day universe — Love Games.

Love Games — coming to discovery+ on February 14 — pits 24 90 Day couples against each other in an ultimate competition for the Love Games cup and, the most coveted prize, bragging rights. How do couples win? By working as a team to answer salacious, expository questions about each other, and we for one can't wait to watch. So what secrets get spilled on Love Games? Is the tension too much for some couples to take? The List sat down with Love Games host Suki Krishnan, who revealed all there is to know. So get ready, because Suki dished on all the juicy drama coming to discovery+.

Suki explains how being a journalist helped her uncover juicy details from the 90 Day couples

Leave it to journalists to uncover the truth, however messy it may be. Suki Krishnan used the skills and tactics that she developed throughout her career as a journalist to help her navigate Love Games, and perhaps to the couples' dismay, she was relentless in her questioning. Suki told The List that asking tough questions was "in [her] wheelhouse" and that she wasn't at all worried about going after the answers that all 90 Day Fiancé viewers want to know. 

"I don't think there's anything that I'm uncomfortable asking, and I know how to ask the right question at the right time," Suki told The List. "If I don't get that answer or get what I think that they should be truthful about, maybe I'll circle back when they least suspect it, like a ninja and I'll spring it upon them again." It looks like Suki's Ninja-attack tactics worked, because she told The List that couples on Love Games thought that they were done answering a question, only for Suki to revisit it again to get even more detail. She said that any journalist, or curious fan, would implore the same approach. 

"I feel like I'm the perfect person to kind of usher all of those beautiful, magical moments and then weave them together and then let the viewer enjoy it," she said. We can't wait to see what juicy details and drama she uncovered.

Will the Love Games' on-screen drama help or hurt the 90 Day couples?

One aspect that makes reality television so captivating is the fact that a lot of it is unscripted. The cast can literally fly off the handle at any given moment, the host might not know what to expect, and the contestants can throw some insane curveballs. Love Games was no exception, and host Suki Krishnan told The List just how dramatic the competition gets. 

"We've seen their journey, the distance, the cultural exchanges, the language barriers. Now we're going to peel back the onion a little bit further," she said. And leave it to Suki to ask the tough questions. She told The List that the 90 Day Fiancé couples are put to the test to "see how much they really know each other and how they're living together, loving together or not loving together," and yes, it led to some drama. 

Suki revealed that Love Games allowed couples to settle arguments not just between themselves, but with other 90 Day couples. According to the host, some people leave the screen because of the pressure, others get angry at each other and with other couples, some blow up at the host. "There's a lot of drama," Suki said. "It gets a little R rated, because we can." Time will tell if the drama will help or hurt the couples in the long run.

Suki reveals what viewers will take away from the dramatic details revealed on Love Games

It's no secret that fans of 90 Day Fiancé leave the show feeling hopeful, entertained, and maybe grateful that they didn't have to go through the visa process. Love Games, the newest show to enter the 90 Day universe, will have a bit of a different edge, according to the host, Suki Krishnan. Suki told The List that the juicy drama that the show includes is a byproduct of going "undercover" to get all the answers to the questions that 90 Day fans have about their favorite couples. 

"That's what being in love is all about, it's all those salacious juicy details that you get to taste," Suki told The List. "It kind of connects the dots sometimes on some of these storylines." So what should viewers expect to see? Couples like David and Annie, and Elizabeth and Andrei, answering some salacious questions about their lives together. Viewers should prepare to see Colt compete on Love Games with his beloved mom, Debbie, which Suki revealed was a ton of fun to witness. 

"There are moments that people just kind of divulge information that you didn't think that they were going to do," Suki said, before revealing to The List what she hopes viewers will take away from the drama-filled competition. "It's unscripted, it's unfiltered and it's just downright a lot of fun," she said. "I hope [viewers] realize that."

Love Games starts streaming February 14 on discovery+.