How Michelle Obama Really Feels About Barack's Cooking Skills

Michelle and Barack Obama are the ultimate power couple. Whether they're delivering speeches to thousands and thousands of people all over the country, or just hanging out at their seemingly perfectly manicured home, they've always presented a united front and have come across as equals. But one area where they're not quite equals, is the kitchen.

As Michelle told E! Daily Pop, when she and the former president initially met, she was surprised to learn that he could actually cook. "But he had like, sort of, his three recipes, a mean chili, a good stir-fry, and great omelets," she revealed. Adding, "So, he had kind of his ... wheelhouse. He stayed in that lane, you know? But he could cook." And it was better than nothing.

Luckily, that didn't matter to Michelle too much as she's always had a great passion for food. So much so that she launched her very own cooking show Waffles + Mochi on Netflix in March (via Eater).

Sasha and Malia are the head chefs in the Obama family

But the real cooks in the Obama household aren't Michelle and Barack. They're Sasha and Malia! "They were baking way too much at the beginning of quarantine, too many delicious pies. They were good at it! Good pie crust, good fillings," Michelle told People. "My kids were midnight bakers. So at 1 in the morning, you'd smell cinnamon buns baking," she revealed, adding, "I had to tell them to stop because we can't have all those sweets." 

They're such good cooks, Michelle feels like she doesn't have to be the head chef of the family anymore. "I have retired my cooking badge, I have relinquished that skill to people who are much better at it than I am," she admitted. "My girls are very much into cooking, they love the freedom of being in the kitchen, they love creating, they love experimenting. So I've passed on that right to the next generation."